Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thursday, October 9


Today there is a movement to add requirements for voting. Some would argue the requirements are necessary to avoid voter fraud, while others would see the new requirements as an attempt to "suppress voting" among certain groups.

1- Find statistics that show the level of voting fraud in the United States today. How do these statistics compare to voter fraud 50 years ago or at some other point in the past?

2- Pick out 4 states in the past 10 years who have instituted or try to institute new voting laws which would have regulated voting. With each of these states do the following:

A- What State?

B- When did they attempt this?  Were they successful?

C- What restrictions did they propose?

D- People who said it was to regulate fraud, how did they feel the new law would help regulate fraud?

E- People who said it is all about "voter suppression", would say it is designed in what way to influence the outcome of the election?

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