Friday, October 19, 2012

QOD's- How Do They Work?


What are QOD’s?  
QOD’s stand for Question of the Day. Each week, there will be one QOD for each day we have school. So typically there will be 5 QOD’s each week.

Where do I find the QOD?
You find the QOD by googling GHS Current Events. The people or events for the next week will always be posted on our site by Thursday or Friday. The exact site is:

What do I do with them?
You are asked to read the QOD, then write a paragraph response (minimum of 4 sentences) about the person or event. Give a DESCRIPTION of the person or event, and explains the ISSUES associated with this person or event that make it significant. 

When do I turn them in?
You turn in Monday’s QOD on Monday when you arrive in class. You turn in Tuesday’s QOD on Tuesday when you arrive in class. And the process continues for the other days. You cannot turn in answers ahead of time or after the designated day.

How many do I need to do?
During a five day school week, you are expected to turn in three reports.
During a four day school week, you are expected to turn in two reports.
During a three day school week, you are expected to turn in one.
Each one will be worth a possible 10 points.

Can I do extras?
Yes, each week you may do more than the required number. You will receive a potential 10 points of extra credit for each one you turn in during a given week.