Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Andrea Lubitz

Andrea Lubitz, 27 year old co-pilot of Germanwings crashed flight 4U9525. Lubitz had been seeing a psychotherapist for his suicidal tendencies before he tried for his pilot's license: he was also treated for depression. Germanwings, unaware of Lubitz's medical condition, hired him. Lubitz is said to have intentionally crashed the flight into the French Alps at 400 miles per hour, thus killing himself and 149 other passengers.

Friday, March 27, 2015

QOD's- March 30- April 2

Tuesday, March 31- Andrea Lubitz   (Chris A)
Wednesday, April 1- Sylvia Allen    (Courtney A)
Thursday, April 2- Dean Smith's will   (Rashon B)

Monday, April 13- Trans-Eurasion Belt Development  (Samuel C)
Tuesday, April 14- Sigma Alpha Epsilon of Oklahoma  (Matthew C)
Wednesday, April 15- Harry Reid    (Emillie C.)
Thursday, April 16- Hilary Clinton email  (Skyler C)
Friday, April 17- Chris Borland (Anastasia E)