Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17

A- The research you are doing on the topic of your choice should be turned into the tub before you leave today.

B- You are going to start reading on the NFL and Adrian Peterson today. You will be addressing the following questions. You will be able to work on this today and tomorrow in class.  Here is what you need to do with the topic:

1- Who are four players who have been charged or convicted for assault charges this year in the NFL? What teams are they with and what has been their punishment by society and by the NFL?

2- Does Minnesota have any history on how they deal with players involved in crimes? Why are they probably treating Peterson differently?

3- Initially Minnesota said they would allow "due process" to take place. Explain what "due process" is? Does the NFL have anything unique in its player contracts that allow them to suspend or punish before due process?

4- Initially Minnesota activated Peterson to play. Describe 5 companies who responded to this decision and how these companies either what action they took or what action they threatened to take? Do you think this had an impact?

5- Do people feel the commission of the NFL has stepped up in the Peterson and in other cases?

6- Describe what Peterson allegedly did? Does he appear to have any history of this?

7- What appears to be Peterson's defense? What do statistics show in regards to whether an abused child is more likely to be abusive?

8- The Vikings placed him on the "Exempt" list late Tuesday or early Wednesday. What exactly does this list mean?

9- Explain ow society may have sent a message to these NFL players that they are special and above the law since they have been teenagers.

10- Find an editorial or an essay that shares your beliefs on this topic. State your beliefs in a paragraph and put the site / title of the essay you found. 

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